Ethinyl estradiol / levonorgestrel Side Effects

Several side effects of ethinyl estradiol / levonorgestrel very likely are not reported. Always talk to your doctor or medical specialist to obtain medical advice. Also you can describe side effects to the FDA.

All side effects apply to ethinyl estradiol / levonorgestrel: oral tablet.

Seek advice from your doctor if a few of the listed most usual side effects persist or becoming bothersome:
  • Acne; breast tenderness and / or maybe enlargement; modifications in taste; changes in weight; dizziness; headache; loss of scalp hair; sickness; nervousness; stomach cramps or bloating; vaginal spotting and / or maybe breakthrough bleeding; vomit.

Obtain medical attention instantly if some of these major side effects show up while having ethinyl estradiol / levonorgestrel:
  • Critical allergic reactions (rash; hives; scratching; problems with breathing; tightness in the chest; swelling of your mouth, face, lips, or sometimes tongue; uncommon hoarseness); absence of menstrual period; breasts discharge; bust lumps; calf and / or maybe leg aches, puffiness as well as tenderness; change in total urine generated; chest hurting or heaviness; unclarity; a cough with blood; dark urine; fainting; mental or sometimes unstable mood (eg depression); migraines; weakness of your arm or sometimes leg; one-sided lack of strength; weak stools; constant, major, or frequent migraine and sometimes vertigo; recurring vaginal spotting; intense ache or perhaps even tenderness inside the stomach; shortness of breath; garbled speech; abrupt major migraine or vomiting; puffiness of the fingers, hands, legs, or ankles; abnormal or intense vaginal bleeding; strange low energy or sometimes lack of strength; vaginal irritation, discharge, and / or maybe renew in secretions; vision changes (such as abrupt vision reduction, dual views); yellowing of one's skin or eyes (following or absent fever).

Ethinyl estradiol / levonorgestrel oral tablet cardiovascular side effects

Comprehensive data regarding the outcome of oral contraceptive procedures on lipid metabolic rate will come in the Endocrine part of this side effect monograph.

First tests of high dose estrogen combinations (fifty mcg or maybe more of ethinyl estradiol or sometimes equivalent day-by-day) indicated that women can be at raised danger of cardio troubles (myocardial infarction, stroke, and certainly vascular thrombosis, including venous thromboembolism). Newer research studies of lower dose estrogen combos have advised that oral contraceptive utilization is not connected with a bigger chance of major cardio troubles in healthy non smoking cigarettes or cigars young women up to the age of 45. Oral contraceptive usage for females from the ages of 35 - fourty four who smoke and / or maybe who've other systemic maladies which may affect the heart and circulatory system won't be suggested.

A certain amount of medical investigators have advised that even lower dose medication might end up in adverse lipid metabolism as well as a female's cardiovascular risk factors ought to be assessed prior to a choice is made to make use of oral contraceptive mixes.

The regularity related to both subarachnoid hemorrhage and thrombotic attack has also been raised in females using oral contraceptive hormones, however, the potential risk of majority of these negative effects along with reduced dose tablets nowadays seems to be very small for young women without underlying heart problems or another risk factors.

Heart and circulatory side effects related to blood pressure problems in addition to edema have been corresponding to the estrogen part of this mix medicine. Notable blood pressure increases normally taken place only in females obtaining high-dose estrogen medications (50 mcg or even more of ethinyl estradiol or equivalent day after day). Exogenous estrogens could very well cause cardioprotective consequences due to favorable changes in lipid profiles, yet, postitive effects may be partly or sometimes completely offset simply by modifications in lipid profiles caused by exogenous progestins.

Usual levonorgestrel side effects

Ladies using oral contraceptive mixtures have had a range of noncontraceptive health improvements. The majority of these bonuses include defence of 2 malignant neoplasms (endometrial carcinoma and ovarian cancer). Besides, consumption of oral contraceptive combinations has lowered the frequency of benign mammary tumors, the possibility of ovarian cysts, the possibility of ectopic pregnancy, menstrual irregularity, the incidences of iron deficiency anemia, dysmenorrhea, and pelvic inflammatory issues.

A large number of the negative effects experienced by females when they consume oral contraceptive mix products are linked to a relative overload or deficiency of the estrogen and certainly progestin components of all of these medicines. The subsequent categorizes most of the numerous adverse effects simply by relative large quantity as well as absence of these components.

Progestin Overload:
  • Acne, oily skin
  • Bust tenderness
  • Depression
  • Low energy, fatigue
  • Loss of hair
  • Hypertension
  • Raised appetite
  • Weight gain
  • Cholestatic jaundice

Progestin Deficiency:
  • Late breakthrough bleeding
  • Amenorrhea
  • Hypermenorrhea

Estrogen Excess:
  • Sicchasia
  • Head ache
  • Melasma
  • Hypertension
  • Breast tenderness
  • Edema

Estrogen Lacking:
  • Early/midcycle breakthrough bleeding
  • Raised spotting
  • Hypomenorrhea

Lots of studies have suggested that consumption of oral birth control methods decreased the danger of ovarian cancer. Specifically, the chance of epithelial ovarian cancers is lessened by forty percent. The preservation against ovarian cancer could very well serve for ten to fifteen years after stop of oral contraceptives. Subsequent to very long time consumption (twelve years), the danger of ovarian cancer is decreased by as much as 80%.

The risk of endometrial cancer is minimized by approximately 50 percent. Protection can last for fifteen years following after termination and may be biggest for nulliparous females that might be at higher risk for endometrial carcinoma compared to other females.

The incidence of hospitalization for pelvic inflammatory problem has been approximately 50 percent lesser in women consuming oral birth control. The reason for the decrease in the regularity (and / or maybe degree) of pelvic inflammatory disease in females taking oral contraceptives has not been fully elucidated.

A number of newest research have indicated that the decrease in frequency of functional ovarian cysts noticed with some previous formulations may not occur in women using latest lower dose medications.

One very current study (The Nurses' Health Study) has advised that often extended consumption of oral birth control could be described as safe and doesn't adversely have an impact on long-lasting risk for death rate.

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